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Like Heaven…

This past weekend I was on the phone with a dear old friend, Terry Chupp. It was wonderful – just like we had talked a few days before. However, the fact was that I had lost contact with Terry and hadn’t seen or spoken to him in over 15 years!

Back in the day, when Sharon and I were editors of a fishing magazine, we covered the BASSmasters Classic for about 10 years. We met Terry at one of the Classics. At that time he had a fantastic ministry among the professional bass anglers (Team Jesus Ministries) and as a result had led more than a few to Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Today, Terry is a bit older, as am I, and is going strong in Team Jesus Ministries  in a new ministry project. It seems like we both found it necessary to “retire” from the world of professional bass fishing and found a new way to serve God.

That isn’t the real story here though. You see, even though Terry and I hadn’t been in contact with one another for over 15 years, the closeness that only brothers and sisters in Christ share was evident and we picked up right where we had left off years ago. In fact, it actually seemed as if we had only talked a few days ago.

This might be a strange concept for those who do not know my Lord Jesus Christ. However, it’s true none the less. From personal experience, I see and feel an eternal bond between myself and other Christian friends – just like I envision it will be like in Heaven. It’s a bit hard to explain, but as sure as I’m writing this, it exists. I’m just saying…

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